Twilio Segment

Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you collect, clean, and activate your customer data. Use Segment’s destination actions to capture customers and events on Lumen.


  1. Visit the integration section in your dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the data sources category.

  3. Select Segment and click Enable. This will redirect you to Segment.

  4. Select your workspace and source

  5. Click on allow.


To test your integration, visit the destination actions page of your workspace on Segment and navigate to the Event tester tab to send test events to validate your integration.

Use the Type option to determine the type of event you want to test. Identified users will be visible on the Customers page. Successfully tracked events will show up on the Events page.

Currently, we only support two segment calls: "identify" and "track"


To disable your Segment integration, visit your destination action list on Segment, select Lumen and click disconnect.

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