Naming events

Event naming is a critical aspect of effective user analytics, providing clarity and structure to the data you collect. It might sound complicated, but it's crucial for understanding what people do in your app or system.

To streamline this process, consider adopting the object-action framework, exemplified by event names like 'Product Clicked,' where 'Product' signifies the object, and 'Clicked' denotes the action.

How It Works

The concept behind this framework is straightforward and powerful:

  1. Pick Your Object: First, decide what important things you want to track, like 'Products' or 'Articles.' These are your objects.

  2. Name the Action: Next, think about what actions people can do with those objects. For example, they can 'View' a product or 'Share' an article.

  3. Put It Together: Now, combine the object and action to create a clear event name. For instance, 'Product Viewed' tells you someone looked at a product, and 'Article Shared' means someone shared an article.


Here are some simple event names to help you see how it works:

  • Product Purchased: This event says someone bought a product.

  • Article Shared: It means someone shared an article.

  • Video Played: This tells you someone watched a video.

You can read more here.

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